Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quilting-Hand Quilting and Binding

Hand Quilting for Co-op

Begin by cutting an 18-20 inch piece of quilting thread and thread it through your quilting "between" needle. Knot the end. Purl Bee has great instructions for making a quilter's knot and more hand-quilting instructions. Quilt around the redwork on your quilt top first.
Quilt around the edge of your embroidery square. Mark even distances around the border strip and make faint lines with a pencil. Quilt on top of these.

If you are using a strips for your binding then sew two of them together along the short end. (It will be really long now). Fold in half with wrong sides facing together and press lengthwise.
Pin onto the edge of your quilt top, being careful to line edges together. Use the techniques shown on V and CO. to do the corners and where the ends of the strip meets (these are very helpful). Sew all the way around as instructed in the tutorial.
Flip the border strip over and pin into place and then blind stitch as V and Co. suggests.
Enjoy your quilt.


  1. Oh that is one of the most charming Red Work's I have seen. Love it. Clarice

  2. I like the red-work of the girl stitching, too. Your fabric colors frame it beautifully. Because I have fabric in my stash of a similar color combination my eye was drawn to your quilt. It's adorable. Thanks for showing the "how-to."
    Karen A.