Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Teas and Winter Blahs

January is a blah month for me. I really have a hard time focusing and accomplishing anything. I did however decide to do something that I had been putting off which was to order some more tea. This time it is from Atlantic Spice and the three kinds are Ambrosia, Tropicana and Peach Passion. I really look forward to sharing these with friends. I have been wanting a copy of Marmee Dear's Homemaker's Treasury and ordered one for myself. She has a special going on until February 6th. They are $22 with free shipping. I will write review for it after it arrives.

I have had several lovely tea time visits with Tim's Mom. We viewed The Shop Around the Corner which is a vintage Jimmy Stewart movie. Leslie told me that it was the basis for You've Got Mail which I really like with the exception of some situations and language (we have a filter for this).
Sunday nights one can find me watching The Jane Austin Collection on PBS. I love Jane Austin and it has really been wonderful to see these many new versions of her work. This next Sunday will be a movie about her life and I look forward to viewing it.

Our family viewed Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House with Cary Grant this past week and found it alot of fun. Of course anything With Mr. Grant has been a hit at our house. One of my favorites is I was a Male War Bride. This is a clever, cheerful vintage film with that produces lots of laughs.

Well, those are a few of my blues chasers. Perhaps you will enjoy them too.

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  1. Mr Blandings is a favorite at my house. We tease my father that we will have the grandchildren call him "Boompa" if he does not behave and he threatens to disinherit us if we do.