Sunday, December 4, 2005

Gingerbread Houses

I have always wanted to create one of those beautiful gingerbread houses that you see in magazines around this time of the year. I love the thought of making one that reminds me of a victorian home or a scene from Dickens. The truth is that I have tried my hand a few times at creating simple ones. The ones that are bought as kits have worked best for me. We have also made ones as a family. I remember sitting with my oldest two when they were younger tryiing every way possible to keep all the graham crackers "glued" onto the sides of our small milk boxes. I finally decided that we were not going to eat the cracker part anyway so hot glue replaced icing for holding the sides on. I admire those that can create such wonders with a little bit of gingerbread, some icing and a few candies. Even though my own tries at creating a beautiful gingerbread house have not been very successful I think I have found a way to enjoy the beauty of them without trying to do it myself. My sister has visited the Grove Park Inn in North Carolina in December before and has told me about a beautiful gingerbread display that they have there every year. Maybe this will be the year that I can enjoy all my little gingerbread making dreams through the work of others. Hope I will see you there.
Gingerbread Dreams,

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