Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A few weeks ago my son and I had the opportunity to watch wild turkeys feeding in a field near our home. It was so wonderful to watch them in the quietness of the morning. I wondered where they were most of the time since I only catch glimpses of them every now and then. It was a precious moment in time. Just having that time alone with my son and seeing the beauty of what God had created and how He allowed my son and I to be there at just the right moment to share it. Our God is awesome!
A few days ago my family wittness the most unusual sight that I have ever seen. In fact in all of my 40+ years I have never viewed such an awesome sight before. We were traveling along the highway early in the morning and there was a hill that we were coming upon. The sun was just beginning to rise behind the treetops. Above the sun was an array of colors just like the colors in the rainbow. These however were so different. There was patches of all the colors scattered everywhere above the sun. There was no set lines or color scheme as we see in rainbows, just a profusion of color everywhere. My children did not grasp the excitement that I had at seeing this. I tried to explain that never before had I ever seen anything similar to this. We passed around my sunglasses so that they could view it better. It was truly a God moment. I was praising Him for all that precious moment.
And so now Thanksgivng is upon us and I have so much to be thankful for. The blood of my Saviour that has washed my sins away, the salvation that I have through His death for my sins, the love that He places in my heart for my family and others that I meet along the way, my husband, my family, the simple things (for I am oh so simple myself) and my dear, dear friends... ones like you that share my thoughts through this little journal. I am thankful for you and your families and the love that God has for you. I hope that all of you have invited Jesus Christ into the heart of your home.
I am thankful for Rod my lifelong love and the children that we have been blessed with.
I am thankful also for Leslie, Peggy and Paula for they encourage me to keep writing.
Happy Thanksgiving

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