Monday, September 26, 2005

Mermee's Nature Journal

Marmee's Nature Journal
Have you noticed it? I did this morning. The subtle changes that occur as summer begin to fade into autumn. This morning I am enjoying to soothing sound of a light rain. A breeze gently kisses my face. I hear the cooing of a dove as it beckons to its mate and in the distance there is a gaggle of geese greeting each other with loud honking. There are the sweet trills of many other little birds, as they make ready for the day. The little insects add into the chorus. Even with all this "noise" it is much quieter than usual. Gone are the mother birds busily building their nests and feeding their young. I think many of them are resting in preparation for their impending journey south. There is the buzz of a few bees as they work to find a bit more nectar from the flowers that are quickly fading away. The spider has left her web for me to enjoy. It glistens with morning dew. I wonder if like Charlotte she had left her egg sack in preparation for next year’s brood of tiny baby spiders. I am making my own preparations for the new school year for my dear children. Am I preparing them well for life? How can I daily encourage them? How can I lead them in a closer walk with our Lord? My heart must trust and rest in HIM.... So must their heart. I gaze upon all that the Lord has made, how the seasons change, how the rain falls upon the thirsty ground, how the sun shines so that His creation may grow and be fruitful. My heart can trust in HIM. He is worthy to be praised!

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