Thursday, December 15, 2005


I was in a quaint little shop in our area last year and noticed snowball ornament that was really interesting. The snowball was an off white color and looked as if it was a little dirty. It had glitter all over it and a piece of fabric strip tied to the top to hang it with. I decided to try and make them myself at home. I was pleased with the result and will share how I made them.

You will need:
Styrofoam balls
Papier mache
Fabric strips
Paint white and brown

Begin by mixing the papier mache according to manufactuer directions. Gently cover the snowball with it. I used a bowl with water that I dipped my fingers in to help smooth the papier mache. I cut a small piece of wire, bent it in half and pushed it into the top of the snowball leaving a enough space to put my fabric strip through later. They were placed on wax paper and allowed to completely dry. Each one was painted with a couple of layers of white paint allowing for dry time after each application. I then mixed up a small amount of brown paint in a jar with water to make a wash. I painted this on and then used a soft cloth to remove most of the color off (I did not want mine to look really dirty). After this dried I put the fabric strips, for hanging it with, through the bent wire and tied a knot at the top. Each one was then coated with a layer of glue, sprinkled with glitter and hung to dry. I hope that you will try making a few of your own.
Snowballs to you,

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