Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cath Kidston In Print and Tea

Sometimes you find the nicest things in places where you do not expect them. I found this book in a Big Lots this past week. I saw it awhile ago but kept waiting to purchase it. Guess what???? Yesterday it was on clearance for (hold your breath) $1. I am really enjoying all the ideas. I just gotta try making those frilly rubber gloves.

I also found this lovely tea. It is a very smooth blend of Earl Grey with rose petals. Most of the time trying black teas leaves me less than happy because they are so strong, but this is very smooth with a hint of floral. The tea bags have a silky feel to them and you can get a second cup from one bag or just make a small pot of tea to share with a friend.

I have more finds that I will share later.

Mrs. Sensibility

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