Monday, June 23, 2008

Taking Tea With Alice

I love tea books....well, sweet tea books and this one is lovely. All of the Victorian tea party ideas and menus are based on the book Alice in Wonderland. One can prepare: Tea with the Mad Hatter, Tea in the Garden, A Nursery Tea, Cupid's Tea, Tea with the Fairies, or a Family Tea. There are some lovely recipes for different tea sandwiches, cookies and desserts. The Shortbread Crowns will be one that I try soon. There are photographs of each of the tea themes all prepared for the young ones to enjoy. I think this would work well for young ones (it is targeted for this age group), but I feel that Mom's would enjoy these as well.
Tealightfully Yours,
Mrs. Sensibility

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  1. I'm glad you liked the book! The second edition (blue cover) was just released in July. Visit my website (still in the works) at

    Your blog is very nice. I hope to start one soon.

    Diane Sedo (Taking Tea With Alice)
    Sentimental Celebrations