Monday, January 29, 2007

Nothing in Particular

This past week was a busyone. I visited with dear Tim's Mom ( we had tea) and my friend Cindy came over and had tea with me. I love getting to spend time with friends. We share ideas and dreams and just thoughts about everyday life. I also love getting to try out new teas. Leslie had some Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Gardens Green Tea. Yummy! I walked, ran, drove to the nearest grocery store and bought some for myself. I spent time this past week visiting lots of blogs. Rocks in my Dryer and Smockity Frocks are two of my new links. I also saw a link to a rag rug at HGTV at one of the blogs that I visited. I am a little short on the memory of which blog now...bummer. I would love to try this sometime.
Saturday was a really bad day for me. Got my feelings hurt by a family member and it uncharacteristically took me the entire day and night to get over it. I was red, purple ,blue for the entire time. Too bad!
Peggy is home again and I have visited her blog this morning. I am one word away from BINGO but then so is everyone else. *smile* It has been a lot of fun to play.
Well, there are many chores and duties this morning and daylight is burning. Have a great day.

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