Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Comfortable Bed

My son has been complaining for awhile that he cannot sleep because his bed is uncomfortable. Now my daughter who sleeps on the same type mattress does not complain. I will admit at 6'2 he is big and the bed will feel different for him. I am uncomfortable in my bed too so I found something that we are going to try. At a local discount store I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest smart foam mattress pad. Hopefully my son will like it and so will me and my husband. I'll post my thoughts on this tomorrow.
I am enjoying my candles! Yankee's Home Sweet Home candles has been the one that we have burned most often this past week. They had a beautiful delicate looking white lacy looking candle topper a few months ago but I have waited too late and they have replaced it with a more country stoneware looking type that is also pretty but less delicate looking. I did find a tiny topper for their small candles on sale recently and have it for my little office/study area off of our bedroom.
Is the grayness of our autumn days bothering you? I have found that placing many small candle type lights, lamps and clear christmas lights around our home casts a soft golden glow that is very pleasing. You might want to give it a try.

Well we all feel that our beds are much more comfortable. Yeah!

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