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Little Women Home Companion-February 2004

Little Women Home Companion
February, 2004
That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home,
good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2: 4-5
Valentine's Day
A Visit With Marmee
Sharing A Mother's Thoughts
Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to let your family and friends know how much you care for them. There are so many beautiful ways to share your love. Little notes left beside their beds so that they find them when they awake is a loving way to start the day. A few years ago after watching the movie Little Women I asked my husband to make me a little birdhouse on a stand with a top that opens so that the children and I could share little notes from each other. We called it Sparrow Post from the Tasha Tudor books that we had read. We did this for a while and then forgot about it. I suppose I will have to remember to start this sweet tradition again. I remember making little treat sacks when I was in school as a child. We all had a small grocery bag that we decorated with hearts, dolies, and glitter. I did this when my children were younger and will do it once again this year so that my little one can enjoy it too. One of the sweetest things that I remember doing with the children was a surprise for Daddy. We cut out hearts in all different colors and taped them to the bottom of the garage door while it was shut. What a surprise awaited Daddy when he opened the garage door upon his arrival from work. Roses and Chocolates are nice but the sweet little things that we do for one another are what I treasure the most.
Little Women Companion
Camp Laurence
Each new chapter of Little Women opens with a touching scene and this one is a favorite for me. Dear Beth is acting as postmaster and delivering the mail that posted in the sweet mailbox/birdhouse that Laurie gave the family for this special task. There is something special for everyone. Marmee has a sweet little posy that Laurie has left for her. Meg has one of her gray gloves returned and a German song that had been translated into English. Jo has a really special letter from Marmee. The letter encourages Jo in her efforts to control her temper and lets her know that although "no one sees them (her efforts) but the Friend (our Lord)whose help you ask daily" that indeed Marmee has noticed. There is also an invitation to attend Camp Laurence which is very much like a day long picnic with a boat ride, games, and lots of food. The rest of the chapter describes their wonderful picnic.

Tea Thyme
Have you had an interest in beginning your own tea group? Here is a great site with information about how to begin your own.
Another great way to share with other mothers and daughters is to begin a Homekeepers club. This idea had been on my mind for many years. I prayed a lot about some way to share time and interests with other mothers and daughters. I began to talk with other mothers about it and we began our own little HomeKeepers group. We meet once a month and discuss a book (Beautiful Girlhood) that we are reading together. We have a time of prayer requests and prayer, fellowship over snacks, tea time or a meal and do some kind of craft or homemaking skill. Our group is a blessing to me. I think that if you form your own group you will find it to be a blessing to you too.
Thimbles and Threads
Valentine Treat Ideas
A box of chocolate is a wonderful idea for a person. However, it can become quiet costly when you want to do something for everyone in your family! Thinking about what to do for your family might end up giving you a headache. So here are some ideas.
At Walmart they carry packs of 10 candy bars of different varieties for around a dollar. Buy a few of these. You might want to buy some hard or soft candies too. A pack of gum could be an option. Divide candy out for each of you family members and place in cellophane bags. For a wonderful touch, add a homemade valentine!
Buy a couple of bags of M&M’s, Skittles, and so on. Open candy bag and pour into cellophane bags. Tie bags with jute and add a valentine note.
A Hershey’s chocolate candy bar would be a wonderful Valentine to friend. Also, you might want add a label around with the words: “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
The Work Basket
Cake Stand
For a while I have been looking for a small cake stand. Basically it is a small plate on a pedestal. While on my last trip to Walmart I saw a glass sorbet type glass and some small glass plates. Well the inspiration hit me. I turned the cup upside down and put the plate on it. Perfect! I purchased 2 ofthe plates in different sizes and 2 of the sorbet cups. I found some E-6000 glue in the crafts section and added it to my cart. When I arrived home I washed and dried the glasses and plates and followed the glue instructions to put the two together. I now have two different sizes of cake/dessert stands for the total price of about $7.50 plus tax. If I count only the price for the stands and not the glue the smaller one was $2 plus tax and the larger on was $3 plus tax. I hope that you will enjoy making these for your tea thymes too!
From Jo's Writing Garret
Dear Mothers and Daughters,
This year instead of giving my family store bought Valentine cards I decided to make them. First I took a pretty rose stamp and stamped it all over some white paper with variations of different ink. Then I took some complementing colors to go with it. I bent some cardstock in half and cut it (then bending it again and I had two incomplete cards). I cut the complementing colors and glued it on top of the card-stock. I did the same with the printed paper I made, except I left an edge so the other paper could be seen. To add a finishing touch I glued half a doily at the top of the card. These were quite simple to make. Even if you choose to give store bought Valentine cards you still might want to make these for a different occasion.
In Christ,
The Cottage Pantry
For Valentine's Day you might want to do something neat for your younger children/siblings in your family. Maybe you have a favorite sugar cookie recipe. You have no icing to decorate them with but you still want to add a little something to them. Why not sprinkle pink sugar over the cookie dough before baking them in the oven? (Pink sugar can be made by putting sugar and a drop of red and yellow food coloring in a ziplock back, then shake.) Think of ways to dress the table up. Maybe make hearts out of red paper and set them under the dinner plates. Make pink lemonade and serve in clear glasses. Valentine ideas could go on and on! And to top the night off, read a Bible story to you child/sibling before you go to bed.
Marmee's Nature Journal
One of my favorite things to do this time of the year (beside staying in and staying warm) is to watch the little birds that collect outside our window to eat the birdseed that we have left for them. The cardinals are so beautiful, their bright red feathers stand out so boldly against the white of the snow. The little, round, sparrows that sit in the holly trees always brighten my day. I have a real fondness for these sweet little creatures. Perhaps it is because our Lord mentions them in His Word. Maybe it is because I have seen them so close up with their young in the ferns that we place on our front porch. It seems they think the ferns are housing for them for it is there that they always build their nests. I think the main reason I like them is because it reminds me of my Lord's love for me.
Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.
Luke 12:6-7
Our Window Seat
Book Reviews
This review has been taken from Caiti's magazine called An Old Fashioned Girl Gazette. More information about the magazine and a website address will be sent by email in the next couple of weeks.

The Little Colonel Report
Written by Annie Fellows Johnston
Report written by Caitlin Trent
If you have seen the movie The Little Colonel, starring Shirley Temple, and have also read the book, then you will automatically know that the book is many times better than the movie. However, the movie still follows the book fairly well. The Little Colonel or Lloyd Sherman is a four or five-year-old girl. When she speaks it is not always grammatically correct, Lloyd speaks as a girl her age would. She is sweet and forms her own ideas. When the Sherman's begin to have financial problems Mrs. Sherman, Lloyd, and Momma Beck (a faithful servant), move to a small house that Mrs. Sherman's mother left to her when she was still living. Lloyd started going to visit her grandfather, but the Colonel never would come to visit Lloyd because of family troubles that went on ages before. Around twenty years before, during the Civil War, the Colonel lost his arm and son because of his beliefsWhen Jack Sherman comes home ill, Lloyd stops going to see her grandfather. The Colonel is terribly upset and is beginning to wish for the worst. Lloyd overhears her mother tell their family doctor that their money is running low. Although this greatly worries her along with other burdens Lloyd keeps most of her burdens to herself. Lloyd begins getting embarrassed over her clothes because they are old and worn but to help her family save money she does not tell of her needs. A lot of surprises await us near the end of the book. Hard feelings are forgiven and the Sherman family finds their way out of financial problems. When I read The Little Colonel I kept picturing Shirley Temple as Lloyd Sherman. It was a delightful book for young readers and a great story to read aloud to youngsters. However, there were a few things I did not like and agree with in the story. Please keep in mind that this was written in the late 1800s.
The Rose Garden
Websites that you may enjoy. We may or may not agree with everything that you find on these pages!
Pamela Spurling who created has began a page of ideas for Valentine's Day.'sDay.htm

On Mrs. Spurling's Valentine page she mentions a valentine paper basket to put all the goodies in you recieve. Here is the website:

Perhaps you would like to try a Tea. Here is a website with some lovely recipes and ideas for a Valentine's tea.
Till Next Thyme
Dear Mothers and Daughters,
We hope that you find some lovely ways to share your feelings of love with your family and friends. I would also like to thank Caiti who did a lot of the writing for this edition of the newsletter.
Jenny and Caiti
Little Women Home Companion is a monthly (when possible) bimonthly (when not)
newsletter for mothers and daughters.
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