Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yummy Yankee Candles and Friends

While on our trip I had the opportunity to visit a Yankee Candle store. I have tried one of their candles before and loved the scent but was not thrilled with the way that it burned, but after hearing Peggy ( Sweet Home Things) talk about how much she likes them I decided to give them another try. So what scents did I choose? I love spicy scents so I purchased a wonderful Pumpkin Pie scent as well as Farmhouse Apple and Harvest (my fav so far). There was a litte topper thing that is suppose to make them burn more even so I chose the leaf one. I also picked up some candles to use for gifts. I love to share scented things with my friends. I also love to make homemade cards for them. Some other gifts I like to share are teacups, tea, tea related items, scrapbooking items, and soaps and lotions that I have made. I like to make the packaging or all the items too. My friends are precious to me. I enjoy them so. Have a lovely scented day!

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