Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas...a long time ago

Me and my brothers and sister... in our jammies...waiting for the man in a red suit. Gotta love the red santa mouse. My sister had a head full of golden curls and I think she received a little doll that looked just like her one Christmas. It actually walked. Somehow I remember that doll and can only remember a couple of my presents from childhood. One was a little miniature toy piano and the other a record player that was red and white.
I can remember those snowy trips through the mountains on Christmas eve or Christmas day to see my mother's parents. They would have a cedar Christmas tree and there would be soft peppermint candy to eat. My mother and her sisters would hide grandma's egg custard pies from each other. Grandma had a black, old-fashioned cookstove that she baked them in. Her home was filled with aunts, uncles and lots of children all crowded in together. There was lots of laughter and a few jokes (mainly that the women pulled on the men).
We also visited my dad's parents in those snowy mountains. Their house was also filled with lots of aunts, uncles, children and lots of drop in visitors. Grandma Hattie was an wonderful cook and her table stayed filled, all the time, with lots of goodies. Her cakes were awesome. They also had a cedar tree and lots of peppermint candy. My dad's brothers were a lot of fun and I remember really enjoying all the fun times at grandma and papa's house. I remember a huge peppermint stick that was hidden under one of the beds. It was in a cardboard box and I imagine that someone had won it somehow. When no one was looking I would sneak in and chip off a piece of it and enjoying it's cool, sweet, pepperminty flavor. I would play with my aunt who was only a few months older than me.
It is so good to remember those sweet times and all the lovely family members that made me feel so loved.

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