Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Have I Been Reading Lately?

I have not been crafting very much lately with the exception of knitted dishcloths, but I have been reading in spare moments. I have read two of Tracy Peterson's books. My sister loaned me A Lady of Hidden Intent and I really enjoyed it . The main charater is a dressmaker and this really interested the crafting side of my nature. I moved on to a previous book in the series A Lady of High Regard. I enjoyed this book, but found it much harder to identify with the main character.

So now I have moved on to a new author suggested by a friend. Her name is Jamie Carie and I am into the first few chapters of the book and enjoying it very much. This one begins in England during the Regency era and moves to Philadelphia and the Quaker community. There is an air of mystery involved so it is a page turner for me.
In have yet to post my pictures of the crafts that I have worked on and will do so soon. It is very slow to post or load from my computer at home.

There are several new links additions in my sidebar under Where I Visit. These are wonderful and I read them as often as I possibly can. I hope that you enjoy them too.


  1. Those do look like books I'd enjoy. I'll be adding to them my list. Hopefully, I can get them through my local library.

    I've not been doing much fiction reading these days. I'm enjoying some gardening books in hopes that maybe some of the wisdom of the ages will stay with me and we'll have nice fresh veggies this summer. I certainly hope so.

    Looking so forward to seeing some of your handwork.

    Have a blessed Sunday,

  2. Hello friend ~
    I was just gifted the most wonderful book and immediately thought of you. You may have already heard of this author, but I had not and find myself simply captivated by her descriptions of her simple life on her Connecticut farm.

    Her name is Gladys Taber, and the book I'm currently reading is "Stillmeadow Daybook". I believe she has written some 52 books though they are now out of print. I hope to do a post on her before long but wanted to share her with you since sometimes my posts take forever to get to.

    The Dutchess & the Dragon sounds like a book I would enjoy. I'm adding to my list. But I've already ordered 2 more Gladys Taber books and will be enjoying those for some time.

    Hope you're enjoying fine weather. Some of our daffodils bloomed this week. I love seeing their bright cheerful faces.


  3. Oh yes, I'm looking forward to seeing the crafts you've been working on too.