Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beatrix Potter Wish List

This is the first item on my wish list. I viewed this movie a few years ago and would like to have it for my family. The scenery in this one was lovely.

This book looks very interesting. It is long (608 pages) and I would love to read it. I love pictures and there are not many in this book, but I feel that it will give me much more information about her life than any other has thus far.
I have had the pleasure of looking through the old edition of this book at our library and it is beautiful. I think it was the one book that has given me a longing to someday visit the Lake District. It has also given me a desire to know more about Miss Potter and her life.

There are many other Beatrix Potter items that I have found interesting. but these are my top 3 choices.


  1. Each of those looks delightful! I have yet to view the film but it is also on my list to things I want to do.

    I'm looking so forward to seeing what you've been creating.

    Visiting here makes me want to give up my primitive ways and lighten things up a bit. Actually, I am doing just that and enjoying how cheerful everything looks.


  2. Just wanted you to know that my boys found Miss Potter so that I could view it on-line. I've had the most lovely evening watching the movie while piecing a quilt. Thanks so much for sharing it!