Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Autumn Favorites

* Beautiful, bright gold, red, magenta, chocolate and pumpkin colored leaves against a bird egg blue sky
* My brother's apple cider, spicy tea and
hot chocolate

* Autumn Woods and Harvest Yankee candles
* Pumpkins in all shapes and sizes
* Walks in the cool, crisp air with my love...or a moonlit walk
* New snuggly flannel sheets
* Pumpkin patches and corn mazes
* Caramel apples, hot apple pie and caramel popcorn
* Toasting marshmallows on a campfire
* Time spent as a family laughing and playing
* God our wonderful creator


  1. Your decriptions made me see, feel and smell the joys of autumn. Think I'll go get out my flannel sheets!


  2. What a beautiful blog you have - so cozy and friendly!

    I have to agree with many of your favorites listed in this post, like hot chocolate, apple pie, marshmallows on a campfire and mostly God our mighty Creator. :)

    Many sweet blessings!