Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sense and Sensibility: chapter five

Mrs. Henry Daswood informs her stepson and his wife that they will be leaving Norland for Devonshire. There they are to reside at Barton Cottage. She invites Mr. And Mrs. John Dashwood and Edward to visit. John apologizes that he will not be able to help in the removal of their furniture due to the distance. Instead, the linen, plate, china, books and pianoforte are to be sent by water.

Mrs. Henry Dashwood sold the horses left her upon her husband’s death and will now have no need for the carriage, so it is to be sold too. They are to bring with them two maids and a man to set up housekeeping. These leave ahead of the family to prepare the home.

Fanny’s satisfaction of their removal is evident. Mrs. Henry Dashwood looks for John to fulfill the promise made to his father concerning the family but soon realizes that the stay at Norland is to be the extent of it. Marianne feels deeply the removal from Norland and wonders who remains to enjoy the happy home and grounds she has known.

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