Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jane Austin Quiz

I am Elinor Dashwood!

I have always wondered which Jane Austin character that I was most like and here is the answer. I have to admit that I am not really surprised. I think I am a little like Anne too....or maybe I want to be. To take the quiz visit The Emma Adapations Page.


  1. I also scored as Elinor. But I'm not sure I can trust any quiz that bases which Jane Austen character I'm like on a question like, "If you were portrayed in a film or TV movie, it would be by..."

    I'd love to see another Jane Austen quiz - do you know of any others?

  2. I questioned this too so I left it unchecked and Elinor was the answer. I can get a few different results if I change a few answers. Elinor and Marianne were the two that comes up most often for me but, I do not play the piano forte and I do not sing so that really does not seem like Marianne. Judging from all the descriptions I am a combination of Elinor, Anne and Fanny.

  3. According to this I'm Marianne Dashwood. Apparently they haven't heard me sing!

    Of course, I haven't ever read a single Jane Austin book. I tried Wuthering Heights. Ah, well, now that I am up to high school grade level in home schooling perhaps I'll try again. :)

    Have a groovy!

  4. Try one of the books. I think you will enjoy them. Tim's Mom and I are reading Sense and Sensibility. We are somewhere around chapter 20 if you want to join.

  5. I got Elinor, also. I went back and changed the answer for 'who would you like to play you in a movie' and still got Elnor as a result. But, as I chose the answers, I could see Elinor.