Tuesday, January 15, 2008

About Little Women Home Companion

Little Women Home Companion was a magazine that my daughter and I created together during her middle school years. It was for mothers and daughters and included recipes, craft ideas, poetry, and links to wonderful sites that we found online during that time (check these carefully now for it has been several years). There was a section about nature study that I had observed, fiction stories that my daughter wrote, a summary about the current chapter that we were reading in Little Women and more. It has a little of a Victorian flair to it and I really miss the time we spent working on the magazine together. Hopefully someday we can begin working on it again. You can find the link for it under labels in the sidebar. When we first created it there were pictures of many of the projects but we have not been able to find them or upload them. I hope you enjoy what was so special to us.

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