Monday, July 24, 2006

Taking Flight

I noticed the changes a few weeks ago. The sweet twittering of the birds was missing and I feel a little sad knowing that they are leaving for the winter. The parents have completed their tasks of building their nest, raising and feeding their young and then watching them as they fly off on their own.
My oldest children are away for the week. They will have many opportunities this week to meet and accept many physical and spiritual challenges. I realize that like my bird friends I am also watching my young on the verge of taking flight into their own worlds. I know that they will quickly adjust. Mom, however, will be much slower to accept the changes.
My little nest had been filled all these years with the needs of my brood and I know that as they prepare to leave home their need for mom's and dad's advice and guidance will lessen. But oh, how they can soar if their obedience and faith in Jesus Christ remains solid.
Take flight my sweet ones.....

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