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Little Women Home Companion-September-October 2004

Little Women Home Companion
September and October 2004
That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home,
good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2: 4-5
Poetry Thyme
Browny Bee
Little Mr. browny Bee,
Gather honey for my tea;
Come into my garden, do,
I've every kind of flower for you.
There's blossom on my tiny tree,
And daisies in the grass you'll see;
There's lavender, and scented stocks,
And rows of frilly hollyhocks.
I've marigolds, and pansies too,
And Canterbury-bells of blue;
There's rosemary, and scented thyme,
And foxglove heads you'll love to climb.
I've gilly-flowers, and roses red,
All waiting in my garden bed;
Seek honey where my flowers are
To fill my little honey-jar.
Irene F. Pawsey
A Visit With Marmee
Sharing A Mother's Thoughts
Ahhh, the smell of new pencils and crayons. White paper ready to be filled with ideas, drawing paper waiting for color from the artists' hands, erasers and new lunch box, a new dress or stiff new blue jeans and big yellow bus all remind me of my days as a child preparing for that first new day of the school year. The start of the new school year with my children is somewhat different. There are still the new pencils and crayons as well as the paper and a few needed wardrobe changes but gone is the yellow school bus replaced by a mini van. My children will wake up to school at home. Our days are filled with learning and growing together. Good books sit on the shelf waiting to be shared. Nature journals record those things that we have observed together. Classical music flows freely in our home. There are art projects, history projects, science projects, magazine articles, aspiring video productions, sample yearbook pages, and crafts projects waiting to be begun or completed. Our lives are busy and we are so blessed to have this opportunity to share these growing, learning years with each other.
Tea Thyme
I want to share with you one of my favorite places for purchasing tea.... Culinary Teas. I am always pleased with my orders. The tea is wonderful and the service is quick. They also have some beautiful teapots that work well for having your own pot of tea or for use with children. The particular teapot that is my favorite is the two-cup Hampton teapot. It is small and precious. I have a white one and a sierra rose one. One of my favorite teas is Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival Tea. Most of the teas are loose leaf so you will need to purchase a tea ball or strainer. I have found it best to not brew most of my teas for more than three minutes. They tend to be bitter after this amount of time. This company actually provides brewing instructions on the label of the tea that you purchase so there is no guesswork. Candie Yoder and her Aunt Denise Yoder own the company. I talked with Candie this morning and found that they will be carrying a Pumpkin Spice tea as well as many other wonderful varieties come mid-August. I am already looking forward to autumn and a pot of Pumpkin Spice tea.
Thimbles and Threads
Over the past month my mother and I saw the cutest little purse made out of Cool Aid Jammers. After searching on the Internet for instructions she found a very helpful website. Since then she has made a couple of these purses. Below is the website address that she used for instructions for the Cool Aid purse.
From Jo's Writing Garret
Hello Mothers and Daughters,
Last year a movie called Love Comes Softly aired on the Hallmark channel. A friend of ours was able to record it so our family could view it. Love Comes Softly was adapted from Janette Oke‘s book that has the same title. This movie will be on sell for DVD and probably vhs format on September 14 of this year. This was a very enjoyable film. It was set back in time and it has a godly standpoint.
If you have already seen this movie then you probably are wondering if it will have a sequel. And to answer this question: yes, it is in production right now from the information that I have found. Here is a website address that has more info about this: The sequel to Love Comes Softly is called Loves Enduring Promise. It is to be aired on the Hallmark channel in November.
In Christ,
The Cottage Pantry
Crispy April Garden Salad
Clean, cut, chop, shred or slice the following ingredients and toss together. Spinach, red cabbage, white cabbage, leaf lettuce, cucumber, carrots, mushrooms, radishes, grape tomatoes, green peppers, bacon bits, and mozzarella cheese. Serve with Poppy seed Dressing (below).
Poppy seed Dressing
Put the following ingredients in a bowl: 1/2 tsp. onion salt, 1/2 tsp. garlic salt, 1 1/2 tsp. dry mustard, 1 1/2 tsp. salt, 3/4 cup sugar, 1 1/2 cup Wesson oil, and 1/2 cup vinegar. 1 tsp. poppy seeds, Mix-beat all ingredients with hand held mixer until thick. Refrigerate.
Marmee's Nature Journal
Have you noticed it? I did this morning. The subtle changes that occur as summer begin to fade into autumn. This morning I am enjoying to soothing sound of a light rain. A breeze gently kisses my face. I hear the cooing of a dove as it beckons to its mate and in the distance there is a gaggle of geese greeting each other with loud honking. There are the sweet trills of many other little birds, as they make ready for the day. The little insects add into the chorus. Even with all this "noise" it is much quieter than usual. Gone are the mother birds busily building their nests and feeding their young. I think many of them are resting in preparation for their impending journey south. There is the buzz of a few bees as they work to find a bit more nectar from the flowers that are quickly fading away. The spider has left her web for me to enjoy. It glistens with morning dew. I wonder if like Charlotte she had left her egg sack in preparation for next year’s brood of tiny baby spiders. I am making my own preparations for the new school year for my dear children. Am I preparing them well for life? How can I daily encourage them? How can I lead them in a closer walk with our Lord? My heart must trust and rest in HIM.... So must their heart. I gaze upon all that the Lord has made, how the seasons change, how the rain falls upon the thirsty ground, how the sun shines so that His creation may grow and be fruitful.
My heart can trust in HIM. He is worthy to be praised!
The Rose Garden
Websites that you may enjoy. We may or may not agree with everything that you find on these pages!
Movies! Movies! Movies! A lot of movies are coming on to tape now or perhaps they are showing in a theater. Either way your not sure what the story line is, whether it is family safe, or another reason. Here are some websites that you might find helpful:
Charity's Place
Plugged In
Till Next Thyme
We hope that all of you will be blessed as you prepare for the new school year with your loved ones. We also want to thank you for letting us share our lives with you in this way.
Jenny and Caiti
P.S. We are so sorry for taking so long on getting this issue sent out. Thank-you for your patience.
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